adding value

we can add 20% to the value of development land guaranteed!

This is an art rather than a science, and as far as we know, no one else offers anything to match. Generally, the bigger the site, the better our results. We recently added an extra 750,000 profit margin - yes profit not gdv, to a 52 unit site in Bournemouth.

A site was bought in Southampton for 10m. Using our expertise, within 8 weeks a new optimised planning consent had been secured, together with a sale to a well known national house-builder, which subsequently completed for 14m.

As well as employing our expertise to our own development sites we also offer a consultancy service to other landowners.

We operate on a no gain no fee basis, which means no financial risk to you in asking us to appraise whether your site might have the potential to add profit.

If you have a development site for sale or to which you would like to add significant extra value, please get in touch.